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What is the pricing model in general terms? 

Our pricing model is based on «seats».

We have 3 different packages:

  • Basic: 79€/mo
  • PRO: 179€/mo
  • Corporate: 499€/mo

You can see the difference between packages in this link.

The three packages include:

  • Unlimited pages views.
  • Unlimited accounts/domains.

You can grant access to as many users as you need, the price will be updated based on users with access to the platform.

For example, you are tracking 3 domains with 30M page views and you want to grant access to:

  1. You: Super Admin
  2. SEO team: access to 2 domains
  3. PPC team: access to 3 domains

The total invoice will be: 79€x3 if you work with Basic Package.

Updated on marzo 1, 2022

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