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Marketing Attribution in a Privacy Analytics World

The ‘last click’ attribution model emerges as the only valid and feasible approach in privacy-focused measurement and analytics. This model attributes the conversion to the last clicked ad or link, effectively avoiding the need to trace an individual user’s journey through multiple touchpoints.

This approach becomes necessary as we respect and adhere to the privacy constraints that prevent us from individually tracking user behavior. Utilizing any other attribution model that traces a user’s journey across different touchpoints would require explicit user consent.

These standards are mandated by the ePrivacy directive, a critical piece of data protection and privacy legislation. The Directive explicitly states the requirement for user consent in instances where individual users are measured and monitored, even if the tracking is anonymized.

Our approach and practices are designed to respect user privacy while providing meaningful insights for your business needs. We strictly abide by privacy laws and believe in balancing effective marketing analytics and user privacy.

Updated on May 31, 2023

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