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How to install Seal Metrics Cookieless tracking codes

  1. Create your account: Access to https://app.sealmetrics.com/checkout/ecommerce

2. Activate your Account:

3. Install Cookieless Pixels in your site:

3.1. You can choose work with our plugins/modules for: Prestashop, WordPress or Woocommerce. We’ll add new modules shortly (Magento 1 and 2, shopify,…)

3.2. Add pixels manually or via Google Tag Manager:

Copy/past the first code (tracker code) in all your pages in your web site. And the second one is the Conversion Pixel. This pixel must be added in your «Thank you Page» and can storage the email, basket value, transactionid of your purchase, and if the conversion is a «purchase/sale» or «lead» for B2B companies filling the «conversion_type» field.

The Conversion pixel must be added before than the tracker pixel in your Thank you page.

Updated on mayo 25, 2021

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