First Party Tracker

Why install First Party Tracker instead of 3rd party tracker?

Thanks to our 1st party tracker you’ll be able to be more protected against adblockers. Adblockers can block scripts from third-party companies. Once you update to 1st party tracker, adblockers will see that this javascript is loaded from your own domain, so normally we will not be blocked.

How to install First Party Seal Tracker

Log in and go to Settings > First Party Tracker as below:

In this example you can see but you must go to your own settings to know the subdomain you have to use

There’re some tasks you have to do before install SealMetrics 1st Party Tracker:

  • This setup screen is showing you the subdomain you have to create. You have to consider if you want to tracker more than one domain. Then you will have to create same subdomain for every single domain.
  • Then you have to add an A record in your DNS Manager with the following value:
  • Notify to when you’ve finished the two tasks above.
  • Then when gives you green light, then copy and paste the snippet Tracker Code inside the <head> tag.
    And then starts the magic!

Any questions? Please let us know to

Updated on mayo 12, 2021

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