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Costs Calculator setup

Once SEAL Metrics detects your «Sources» using the utm_source, then you’ll be able to see the list below in your cost section.

  1. Find the source to which you want to add a cost
  2. Select the on «€» icon
Sealmetrics's dashboard: the cost button.

3. Select «New Cost»

4. Manually add the cost:

There are 3 ways to import manual costs:

  1. CPC: Add the average cost per click you paid on this source (cost will be calculated with the cost received in SEAL from this source)
  2. CPA: Add the average cost per action you paid on this source (SEAL will calculate it based on last click attribution model)
  3. Sponsorship (most used): Add the daily cost of this source
Sealmetrics's dashboard, how to edit the cost choice: cost type, cost value, date start, date end.

Cost Calculator from a csv file:

1. You should download SEAL´s cost import template.

How to import bulk sources, step 2.

2. Insert your costs in this file

Cost type sponsorship in sealmetrics.

Below is an example:

The daily value in sealmetrics.

3. Browse and select the .xls file where you added costs. Once you’ve finished click «Upload» to complete this action.

How to import bulk sources.

You’ll start to count costs in your sources once the setup is finished. If you store the revenue made in every purchase, you’ll have access to your ROAS in real-time.

Look at “how to track your marketing campaigns” with SEAL Metrics.

Updated on April 6, 2023

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