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How to add more domains in your current account

Let’s imagine that you’re working with two different domains under the same brand or with a domain and subdomain. And you’re interested in tracking both sites under the same Seal Metrics account mixing stats, because you prefer to have aggregated data from both sites:

  1. Click on the “Monitor” icon:
Sealmetrics's sections: user, account, referrers, costs.

2. Go to Accounts and add an account:

Sealmetrics's dashboard: how to add a new account.

3. Ad a Name and a Domain:

Insert account name and domain in sealmetrics.

4. Select Time Zone:

Set up the timezone in sealmetrics.

5. Select the taxonomy of your campaign tracking parameters:

How to set up an UTM in Sealmetrics.
Updated on April 6, 2023

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