• What is the pricing model in general terms? 

    Our pricing model is based on «seats». We have 3 different packages: Basic: 79€/mo PRO: 179€/mo Corporate: 499€/mo You can see the difference between packages in this link. The three packages include: Unlimited pages views. Unlimited accounts/domains. You can grant access to as many users as you need, the price…

  • What makes your analytics service GDPR and Schrems II compliant? 

    We are GDPR compliant and more important to say ePrivacy Directive compliant: SEAL is a European company and our servers are located in Dublin. SEAL tracks completely anonymously the pageviews (hits) made by visitors. SEAL doesn’t insert any kind of code in the users’ terminal. SEAL doesn’t track individually: Under…

  • How to upgrade my account

    If you want to upgrade or downgrade your SEAL Metrics account, please follow these easy steps:

  • How to track webpages made with REACT

    Add SEAL’s tracking pixel to all your website pages. 2. Once a user submits the form or makes a conversion, this code should be triggered:

  • How to track SPA web pages

    We’ve updated our pixels, currently, the same pixel can be used with all kinds of technology: ajax, spa,…. When you need to track page views: 2. Once a user submits the form or make a conversion, this code should be triggered:

  • How to add value track (utms) to all your Google Ads Campaigns automatically

    SEAL Metrics works perfectly with utm_ parameters. If you’re managing Google Ads Campaigns you’d need to add in all your campaigns {lpurl}?utm_medium=cpc&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign={Campaignid}&utm_term={ifsearch:{keyword}_{matchtype}}{ifcontent:{placement}}  Follow these instructions to add automatically the value tracks at the Account Level, so every time you create a new campaign, value tracks will be added.

  • How to add more domains to your account

    Let’s imagine that you’re working with two different domains under the same brand or with a domain and subdomain. And you’re interested in tracking both sites under the same Seal Metrics account mixing stats because you prefer to have aggregated data from both sites:

  • How to change UTMs parameters

    This post is useful for those customers that are working with custom parameters or Adobe Analytics for tracking marketing campaigns instead Google Analytics. Instead of working with google analytics parameters, you can work with other parameters structures, if you need to change these parameters follow these steps: